Cat Hai is located in Hai Phong Province, 114 km East from Hanoi. Haiphong is an important port city, in fact the largest seaport in the North of Vietnam. The city is also an industrial, cultural, and technological center of the region. Connecting Cat Hai Port, Dinh Vu Industrial Park and Ha Noi - Hai Phong Expressway is Tan Vu - Lach Huyen sea-crossing bridge which is the longest in Vietnam and one of the longest in Southeast Asia (5.44 km). During this field trip, we are going to visit the reclamation project in Nam Dinh Vu Port and Lach Huyen Port. The Nam Dinh Vu port area is 65 ha; has 7 ports with length of piers are 1.5 km.The reclamation area is used Geotube with a length of 10km. Lach Huyen Port is constructed south of Lach Huyen’s river estuary on Cat Hai Island. Lach Huyen Port has a berth of approximately 8,000m, a route length of 18km, and a bottom elevation of 14m.  Then, we are going to visit the coastal mangrove forest along with the sea dike in Do Son district, Hai Phong. The total area of mangrove forest in Hai Phong is around 4084 hectares (in 2015), of which S. caseolaris occupied over 68% and mixed mangrove species was approximately 25.6%.                                                                   


Container yard in Nam Dinh Vu Port

Lach Huyen Port extension

Tan Vu Lach Huyen bridge

Mangrove forest in Do Son district


September 28th 2019

Time Location
12:00-12:30 Gathering at main entrance of Thuyloi University
12:30-14:30 Travel from Hanoi to Haiphong
14:30-15:30 Visit Lach Huyen Industrial Zone, Lach Huyen district
15:30-16:10 Travel to Do Son district
16:10-16:40 Visit Sea dike and mangroves forest, Do Son District
16:40-19:15 Return to Thuyloi University